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How do I show a deferred pension until retirement?



  • Joe Doherty

    You can do this by adjusting the length and income need of the segments. One aproach would be to change the length of segment 1 to however many years remain before retirement and set the income need to $0. Then add a few years on last segment to keep the plan length the same.

    However long you make segment 1 should line up with the deferral.

  • Peter Hafner

    I like this answer but I am not able to adjust the income for any of my segments. They are all greyed out. How can things so I can do what was suggested above?

  • Rachel Fox

    The best way is to use the Lump sum under Assets and Income section. Put in how much they have today saved toward retirement. If its nothing just put in $1. Then click the defer button and add any future contributions and an income start year (6 yrs from now 2020). Apply a ROR over the deferral period and click save. This will give you a future value that will then dump into the IFLM plan in 2020. You will have to come up with how you will achieve the ROR you selected during the deferral period. Meaning if you put say 6% you would want to have the story on how you will help them achieve this 6% ROR between now and retirement.


    Jason Ray

  • Frances Toler

    I can't even follow that explanation Rachel. I don't understand why we can't adjust the income in various segments! I am getting frustrated with that


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